ACO REACH Organizations

We assist ACO REACH organizations in addressing social determinants of health, reaching out to underserved communities, and in care coordination.
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Saince is a healthcare technology and services provider serving the needs of healthcare providers for over two decades. We have a national service footprint that cuts across all types of care settings and providers of all sizes from physician offices to hospitals and large integrated networks.

We provide patient outreach and clinical care coordination services that can significantly support ACO REACH organizations in achieving their program goals and exceeding various program requirements including quality measures, underserved communities, health equity, social determinants, and risk adjustment.

Saince fully understands the current health care environment and CMS’s firm intentions to discard the fee-for-service and risk contracts and transition into full capitation under the care coordination structure.

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ACO Reach Model

Patient Outreach Services

Saince can help organizations with direct patient outreach. Our team can leverage technology to communicate effectively with patients through multiple channels, including mail, email, text message, and phone calls to ensure that they receive timely and relevant information about their care including scheduling appointments and appointment reminders. By engaging patients more proactively, organizations can improve patient satisfaction and experience, leading to better health outcomes.

Saince can assist ACO REACH organizations in addressing social determinants of health, equity and proactively reaching out to underserved communities. Our team can work with organizations to identify the social factors that impact patient health, such as access to timely care, food insecurity, medication availability, and transportation barriers.

Our trained care coordinators will proactively reach out to these patients by phone calls, emails, text messages etc. With our use of data analytics and other tools, we can help organizations develop targeted interventions to address these social determinants of health, leading to improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

Consulting Services

Saince can serve organizations with germane needs with consulting services that align to the ACO REACH program and or any other ACO structures CMS will launch like Making Care Primary (MCP) etc.

  • Preparation and submissions to 4innovations (CMS) for alignment and approval of participation
  • Forming Governing Body
  • Advisory services to choose mechanism: New Entrant, Standard, High Needs Population
  • Choose capitation mechanism
  • Run all member alignment approval from CMS and implementation in your group
  • Create your health equity benchmark adjustment
  • Build your health equity data collection system
  • Build the Nurse Practitioners mobile service benefit enhancement
  • Build your disparities impact statement based on the 5 steps outlined by CMS
  • Build your social determinants plan
  • Build and receive approval for your marketing plan, materials, and implementation

ACO Reach Model
ACO Reach Model

Care Quality and Care Coordination Services

Saince can assist ACO REACH organizations to improve care coordination across their network of providers. Our team can help organizations implement technology solutions that streamline workflows and facilitate communication between providers, including referrals, fulfilment of lab and pharmacy orders, follow up with these outside parties for timely reports and update EMRs accordingly. This leads to more efficient care delivery and better patient outcomes. By leveraging technology to improve care coordination, organizations can reduce unnecessary healthcare costs and improve patient satisfaction.

Our implementation and operations teams consist of highly qualified and experienced staff which help you achieve your goals in securing:

  • HEDIS Measures
  • Part C Measures
  • Part D Measures
  • Display Measures
  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Utilization Management
  • HOS and more

Risk Adjustment Services

Saince can support ACO REACH organizations with risk adjustment until your transition to capitation. ACO REACH places caps on risk score increases year on year. It is critical for provider organizations to track and monitor these risk scores and increase their revenues. Our team can help organizations accurately assess and document patient risk levels, which is critical to optimizing financial performance under risk-based and Global Capitation Models. By working with Saince, ACO REACH organizations can ensure that they are capturing patient risk levels and quality metrics accurately and taking advantage of the latest best practices in healthcare delivery. By optimizing Health Equity, organizations can improve their revenue streams and achieve better financial performance.

ACO Reach Model

Frequently Asked Questions

An Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is a collaborative group of healthcare providers, including doctors and hospitals, that work together to deliver coordinated and high-quality care to a defined patient population. ACOs aim to improve patient outcomes while controlling healthcare costs.

ACO REACH stands for "Accountable Care Organization - Rapid Engagement to Advance Care and Health." It signifies a strategic initiative focused on swiftly engaging healthcare providers to advance the delivery of care and improve health outcomes within the ACO framework.

Participating in ACO REACH initiatives offers healthcare organizations the opportunity to enhance collaboration, share best practices, and implement rapid engagement strategies. This leads to improved care coordination, better patient outcomes, and financial sustainability for participating entities.

Yes, ACO REACH organizations are designed to address both patient experience and population health. By fostering collaboration and implementing coordinated care approaches, ACOs aim to enhance patient satisfaction, promote preventive care, and positively impact the health of the entire patient population.

Healthcare providers interested in joining ACO REACH organizations typically need to express their intent and meet specific eligibility criteria. This may involve demonstrating a commitment to value-based care, care coordination, and quality improvement. Contacting the ACO administrators or regional healthcare authorities is a common starting point.

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