Speech recognition and radiology reporting solution for small and mid-size practices.

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Speech recognition and radiology reporting solution that everyone can afford.

Verbatim is the industry’s newest and technically most advanced speech recognition and radiology reporting solution that does not burn a hole in your pocket. With accuracy of 99% and built-in intuitive workflows, you can complete your reports fast and easy.

Enjoy the power of freedom

Unlike other solutions which tie you down to a specific computer when you want to use front end speech, with Verbatim you have the freedom to work on any computer. Instead of your speech profile being tied to a computer, we have put it in the cloud, so you can enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere and at any time!

Productivity Boost for Radiologists

Verbatim from Saince is a versatile and powerful front-end speech recognition and reporting software. It comes with one of the industry’s most advanced radiology dictionaries which enables radiologists to complete reports with lightning speed. Verbatim also has a host of productivity boosting features which significantly reduce reporting turnaround time and improve accuracy thereby positively impacting patient care. What others sell as add-on features, we made them a part of our standard solution.

Use Any Mike For Dictation

Verbatim from Saince makes the use of expensive mics optional. You can use one of those expensive mics or you can use any standard PC mic.

Create, Edit Or Update Templates

You have the ability to create your own templates, edit them or update them whenever you wish. You do not need IT resources to do that for you.

On The Fly In-content Edits

With fields within normals and template text that you can update on the ‘fly’ your ability to complete reports becomes even faster.

Review Workflow

With built-in Resident and Senior report review workflow, you can seamlessly send reports for another level of review automatically.

Create Unlimited Normals And Options

Verbatim allows you to create your own normals, auto-texts and optional texts within each field in a report to make completion of your report fast, easy and accurate.

Enjoy 99% Accuracy

Verbatim’s powerful speech algorithms ensure that you enjoy 99% accuracy every time, all the time. Less corrections, less editing, more productivity.

Simple, Straight Forward Pricing. No Fine Print

Verbatim is available on a simple user-based licensing model. No gotchas, no fine print. Once you have a license, you can install it on up to four devices – Home PC, Laptop, Work computer?

Integrated Transcription

Verbatim is designed for humans, not robots. Hence we made it intuitive and convenient to use. Save the incomplete report as a draft to be completed later, or with a simple voice command send your voice file for transcription. Your incomplete document along with your voice file is immediately transferred to a transcriptionist who will send the completed report back to you within a short span of time. How convenient is that!

Frequently Asked Questions

A Radiology Reporting Solution is a specialized software or system designed to streamline and enhance the process of creating and managing radiology reports. It facilitates efficient reporting and interpretation of medical imaging studies such as X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans.

Radiology Reporting Solutions benefit radiologists and healthcare facilities by providing a centralized platform for generating detailed and accurate radiology reports. These solutions improve workflow efficiency, reduce turnaround times, enhance report accuracy, and contribute to better patient care.

Yes, many Radiology Reporting Solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS). Integration ensures smooth data transfer between imaging systems, facilitating a cohesive radiology workflow.

Radiology Reporting Solutions commonly offer features such as voice recognition for dictation, template-based reporting, image annotation, and integration with diagnostic imaging modalities. These features aim to streamline the reporting process and improve overall radiology efficiency.

Yes, reputable Radiology Reporting Solutions prioritize security to protect patient data. These solutions adhere to healthcare privacy regulations, implement encryption measures, and ensure secure access controls, safeguarding sensitive radiology reports and patient information.

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