Patient Outreach Services

In value based care, It is important to stay engaged with your patients. We can help you do that.

patient outreach and call center services

At the intersection of clinical expertise, quality care and Value Based performance relating to your Medicare patients, our Patient Outreach Services cover the entire spectrum of needs of your medical center or medical group.

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Our guiding principle

Our team of board certified Physicians, Pharmacist, Nurse Practitioner’s, Medical Managers and Medical Technician’s and senior healthcare management staff, supported by a sophisticated technology designed to appropriately and effectively approach all members of your medical center or in your medical group, will schedule patient visits to your office on your behalf and stay engaged them on a routine basis. As a result, you as a provider will have the time you need to really focus on the clinical problems of your members.

With our specialized outreach services, we can assure you that all your patient’s documentation will be filed into their respective EMR sections and will be ready for your review either prior to, or during your consultation. You and your staff can stop chasing around and spending time, effort and money, on getting hold of those specialist visit reports.

patient outreach and call center services
Our guiding principle

If you generate a referral for your patient, our outreach team will triangulate between your member and the diagnostic / imaging center or the specialist’s office to get the appointment scheduled. We will follow up before and after the appointment with your member to increase compliance. We will retrieve the reports from the specialist or the diagnostic center and file them in your EMR.

Our population health management team will implement the health disparities best practices and execute them on your behalf. Our goal will be to bring your members at least 3 or 4 times in a year into your office, and for us to have everything ready in regards your quality improvement measures, including HEDIS, HOS, CAPHS, Medication Adherence and others.

patient outreach and call center services
Our guiding principle

Our engagement and retention specialist will deploy best practices and guidance to your Medicare members, helping them understand their role as a patient and assist them in coordinating needs such as transportation, dental services, pharmacy refills etc and thereby address the local disparities in health.

Our Clinical Care Quality Specialists are the best professionals in the market to secure you 5 Stars Rating and best clinical quality outcomes. Our Colon screening team will educate your members about Stoll kit and mail it to them. They will also follow up on the preparation of sample and return of the sample via mail to the lab. They will close the loop by my making sure the reports are filed in the EMR in a timely manner. Similarly, our mammogram specialists will engage with your members and triangulate between patient and imaging center or mobile diagnostics centers.

patient outreach and call center services

Frequently Asked Questions

Patient Outreach Services involve proactive efforts by healthcare providers to engage and communicate with patients for various purposes, including preventive care, appointment reminders, health education, and follow-up on treatment plans. These services aim to enhance patient engagement and improve overall health outcomes.

Patient Outreach Services benefit patients by fostering regular communication, providing timely health information, and ensuring adherence to care plans. These services contribute to preventive care, early intervention, and a more patient-centered healthcare experience.

Patient Outreach Services encompass a variety of communications, including appointment reminders, wellness check-ins, educational materials, and follow-ups on prescribed treatments. These communications can be delivered through phone calls, text messages, emails, or secure patient portals, depending on patient preferences.

Yes, Patient Outreach Services are designed to be personalized to individual patient needs. Healthcare providers tailor communications based on patient demographics, medical history, and specific care plans. Personalization ensures that patients receive relevant and timely information that aligns with their healthcare requirements.

To implement effective Patient Outreach Services, healthcare organizations can leverage technology solutions, such as automated messaging systems and patient engagement platforms. Establishing clear communication protocols, training staff on outreach strategies, and incorporating patient feedback are essential components for successful implementation.

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