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Risk Adjustment is all about HCCs.

Doc-U-Aide makes HCC identification, tracking and documentation easy.

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Doc-U-Aide™ is the industry’s first and most advanced outpatient clinical documentation improvement solution. With dedicated workflow for risk adjustment, HCC capture and quality measures, Doc-U-Aide™ makes outpatient clinical documentation improvement fast, easy and efficient. Doc-U-Aide™ also includes proprietary workflows that allow you to monitor your GPRO measures proactively at the point of care.

Welcome to our comprehensive Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) solutions for Outpatient Care. At Saince, we recognize the pivotal role that precise clinical documentation plays within the healthcare sector. Our specialized solutions for outpatient care providers are meticulously designed to elevate documentation accuracy, streamline operational workflows, and optimize revenue generation.

The Significance of Outpatient CDI:
Clinical documentation forms the foundation of patient care, ensuring that healthcare providers possess access to precise and all-encompassing patient information. In the context of outpatient care, it remains equally vital to capture all pertinent data in order to support the delivery of high-quality care, minimize compliance-related risks, and maximize revenue streams.

Our Tailored Outpatient CDI Solutions:
Our outpatient CDI solutions are meticulously crafted to cater to the distinctive requirements of outpatient care providers, encompassing clinics, surgical centers, and ambulatory care facilities. Here's what sets us apart:

Expert Team

Our team is composed of seasoned medical coders, clinical documentation specialists, and healthcare professionals well-versed in the intricacies of outpatient care.

Customized Workflows

We collaborate closely with your team to devise tailored CDI workflows that seamlessly integrate with your existing operational processes.

Coding Precision

Precision in coding is of paramount importance for optimal reimbursement. We ensure that each code accurately reflects the genuine clinical complexity of every patient's condition.

Documentation Enhancement

We provide assistance in enhancing clinical documentation to authentically portray the patient's severity of illness, thereby ensuring compliance and justifiable reimbursement.

Education and Training

We offer comprehensive training programs to equip your staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to uphold precise documentation practices.

Continuous Oversight

Our ongoing monitoring and feedback mechanisms are instrumental in sustaining and enhancing the quality of documentation over time.

Advantages of Our Outpatient CDI Solutions:
Revenue Augmentation

Enhanced documentation accuracy translates into more precise coding and billing, leading to increased revenue generation.

Mitigated Compliance Risks

Our services aid in maintaining compliance with ever-evolving regulations, effectively reducing audit risks.

Enhanced Patient Care Quality

Superior documentation empowers clinicians by providing them with an all-encompassing patient profile, consequently contributing to improved patient care.

Streamlined Operations

Our bespoke workflows simplify the CDI process, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

Embark on Your Journey with Us:
Selecting the right outpatient CDI partner can have a substantial impact on the success of your organization. Reach out to us today to discover more about our Outpatient CDI Solutions and how we can tailor our services to precisely meet your unique requirements.

At Saince, we are committed to elevating the quality of outpatient clinical documentation. Our comprehensive outpatient CDI solutions are designed to drive better patient care, increase revenue, and reduce compliance risks. Partner with us and experience the benefits of accurate clinical documentation in the outpatient setting.

Risk Adjustment Factors
HCC Identification & Tracking
Document integrity with M.E.A.T.
Improve PQRS / GPRO scores
On-demand management reports
Real-time dashboards
Reduce denials
Maintain revenue integrity
Automatic HCC

Automatic HCC (CMS and HHS) Identification

Doc-U-Aide comes integrated with machine learning enabled natural language processing (NLP) engine that not only automatically identifies HCC and ICD10 codes but also intuitively enables the CDI specialist to identify query opportunities. Doc-U-Aide clinical documentation improvement software identifies and automatically compares patients’ past HCCs with their current HCCs and enables you to identify documentation gaps and helps you to improve documentation quality.

CMS and HHS Risk Score Adjustment

Doc-U-Aide™ CDI solution has taken the complexity out of risk score calculations. Our clinical documentation improvement program helps you keep track of CMS RAF scores and HHS risk scores. Do away with all those confusing and complicated spreadsheets. Keeping track of individual and population risk scores has never been this easy. Doc-U-Aide™ includes powerful tools that predict and calculate risk scores allowing CDI specialists to analyze and assess the risk score for each patient during every visit.

CMS & HHS Risk Score Adjustment
Comprehensive Reports

Comprehensive Reports Make Monitoring and Management Easy

Doc-U-Aide™ CDI comes with a robust reporting module. With over twenty five built-in reports that are available on-demand, you can monitor and manage your outpatient clinical documentation program effectively and efficiently.

Maintain Revenue Integrity

Accurately mapping diagnostic codes to Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC) is a major concern among outpatient clinics and physician practices. HCCs require specific documentation standards to be maintained and complied with in order to maintain revenue integrity. Doc-U-Aide ensures that you receive appropriate reimbursements for the level of care provided.

Maintain Revenue Integrity
Easy Integration

Easily Integrates With All Leading EHRs

Doc-U-Aide tightly integrates with all leading EHR solutions including Epic, Cerner, MediTech, AllScripts, Athena, eClinicalWorks etc. We can also build custom interfaces with any HL7 compatible solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

An Outpatient Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Solution is a healthcare software or service designed to enhance documentation accuracy and completeness in outpatient settings. It focuses on improving the quality of clinical documentation to support accurate coding, billing, and overall patient care.

An Outpatient CDI Solution benefits healthcare providers by improving the accuracy of clinical documentation in outpatient encounters. This leads to more precise coding, increased reimbursement, reduced compliance risks, and enhanced communication among healthcare teams, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Outpatient CDI Solutions are versatile and applicable to various outpatient settings, including physician offices, ambulatory care centers, outpatient clinics, and specialty practices. Any setting where clinical documentation accuracy is crucial can benefit from implementing an Outpatient CDI Solution.

Outpatient CDI Solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing electronic health record (EHR) systems and healthcare information management workflows. Integration ensures a streamlined process for healthcare providers, allowing them to access and update clinical documentation efficiently.

Yes, training is typically provided to healthcare staff for the effective use of an Outpatient CDI Solution. Training programs aim to familiarize users with the features of the solution, best practices for clinical documentation improvement, and how to integrate the solution into their daily workflows for optimal outcomes.

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