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Revenue and Quality ratings are driven by the quality of your documentation.

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The goal of our CDI services is to increase the quality of patient care through personalized attention and education. Our CDI team is comprised of expert consultants who possess strong clinical knowledge combined with certifications in CDI and medical coding. Our experienced CDI consultants can help you design, develop or maintain your clinical documentation improvement program while increasing hospital and physician group revenue and decreasing costs.
We will work with your physicians, mid-level providers, documentation improvement specialists, nurses, coders and leadership team to develop an optimal CDI program for your facility or outpatient practice.

Accurate and compliant documentation not only helps increase revenue capture, but also leads to decreased denied claims, decreased RAC audits and increased successfully won appeals.

Saince will conduct a thorough assessment of your current CDI needs (or of your existing clinical documentation improvement program) to evaluate appropriateness of your current clinical documentation and identify gaps. We will also analyze coding accuracy, query process efficacy and CDI workflow. We will evaluate if your facility has compliant documentation for optimal reimbursement. We work with facilities to understand their specific policies and procedures and can tailor a program to suit the needs of the patient and organization.

CDI Services

Is your facility's CDI team able to review 100% of your charts? Many hospitals cannot achieve this goal because of the associated costs or due to shortage of staff. This may be resulting in lost revenue, inability to achieve 100% chart reviews, and lower quality scores. Saince offers supplemental CDI support to compliment your existing CDI program. Our CDI consultants will review your clinical documentation to help your facility achieve 100% chart review. All our CDI consultants are CDI experts with a combination of medical degrees and certifications in CDI and medical coding.

CDI Services

Saince will develop and establish your hospital’s entire CDI program from start-to-finish. Our team of experts will design a program that meets the needs and expectations of your leadership, providing visibility and metric monitoring of the program during the implementation and after the execution of the program. With innovative resourcing models, we can help your hospital achieve 100% chart review, query compliance, and prevent further loss of revenue due to missed CDI opportunities. Our team of expert CDI consultants have deep clinical knowledge and well-seasoned in capturing quality and revenue optimization opportunities.

CDI Services

Physicians easily connect with other physicians. In order to implement and manage a successful CDI program you need to ensure physician engagement and education. Our physician CDI consultants have years’ experience practicing and working in CDI programs based in some of the top hospitals in the country. Physician and mid-level provider engagement is key to having a successful clinical documentation improvement program. Saince can help train your medical staff on accurate and optimal documentation (tailored to specific service lines) to increase provider engagement.

CDI Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Services refer to specialized programs and solutions aimed at enhancing the accuracy and completeness of clinical documentation in healthcare records. These services focus on ensuring that medical documentation reflects the true severity of patient conditions and improves overall healthcare data quality.

CDI Services contribute to healthcare quality by optimizing clinical documentation. Improved documentation ensures that the patient's medical history, conditions, and treatment plans are accurately captured, leading to enhanced communication among healthcare providers, better care coordination, and improved patient outcomes.

Yes, CDI Services play a crucial role in improving coding accuracy and optimizing reimbursement for healthcare organizations. Accurate clinical documentation supports proper code assignment, which, in turn, ensures appropriate reimbursement and financial integrity for healthcare providers.

CDI Services involve collaboration among various healthcare professionals, including clinical documentation specialists, nurses, physicians, and coding experts. These professionals work together to review and enhance clinical documentation for accuracy and completeness.

Healthcare organizations can implement CDI Services by partnering with specialized CDI vendors or establishing in-house CDI teams. Implementation typically involves training staff on best practices, conducting regular clinical documentation reviews, and integrating CDI processes into existing healthcare workflows for sustained improvement.

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